On behalf of SOS Chidren’s Villages of India & our Team, I sincerely express my thankfulness to SHARANAM You have made all the effort to keep us active, healthy throughout the 5 days. Particularly cleanliness. I also express my gratitude to all your supporting staffs in this moment.
Manikandan C
Youth Camper
Please do maintain the same kind of arrangements; because, if gives a sense of peace at SHARANAM and please keep me updated with the developments!Please Keep it up clean. Thank you.
K.S. Arvind
Youth Camper
I was not expecting to visit to SHARANAM. I wanted to do so since couple of years. Thank you for taking me there. Really thankful.
Nikhil Sharma
Youth Camper
It's a wonderful place and hope in future also the wonderfulness will be there. I had a great time here. Thank you.
Komal B Dasaue
Youth Camper

Please Keep it up clean. Thank you.
Sachin Chaudhari
Youth Camper
Its a wonderful place. If people come to know about its history and objectives it will be awesome.
Buvaneswari G.