120 guests / 2131 sq ft

Open Hall

The Open Hall Theatre at Sharanam Convention Centre promises to leave a lasting  impression on you and your guests. Surrounded by beautiful landscape, this hall is  naturally ventilated, semi-open with two stages facing each other. 

This convention hall has a capacity of 120 seats and is most suitable for dance, theater  and music programs. It also has a small circular workshop area at the back for 15  people. 

With eco-friendly construction materials and minimal cement and steel usage, it embodies  our commitment to sustainability.

60 guests / 1173 sq ft

Conference Hall

Designed to seat 60 people, this fully enclosed conference hall can be used as a  workshop venue, meeting hall or as a seminar hall. The hall is air-conditioned and is  equipped with conference facilities such as audio-visual and presentation equipment,  space for workshop equipment, a mini kitchenette and attached washrooms. Ready  to host your corporate meetings and seminars with us? Book a virtual tour of  Sharanam Convention Centre today!

120 guests / 2152 sq ft

Multipurpose Hall

The Multi-purpose Hall is perfect for corporate training programs, cultural  programs, yoga workshops and various such events. You can use this space as  a convention hall or as an exhibition space too as it can be customized to suit  your event requirements! This event space also comes attached with a large 

kitchen area and washrooms very close to the hall to ensure a seamless event  experience.  

Presently, we do not  provide for cooking meals at the premises. However, outdoor catering is arranged at customized menus and costs. Informal gatherings can be accommodated.

64 guests

Residential Units

For corporate events and programs spanning days or weeks, Sharanam Convention Centre  offers eco-friendly and budget-friendly Residential Units that ensure utmost comfort and  convenience. With dormitories and double occupancy rooms accommodating up to 64  people, our on-site lodging ensures a hassle-free experience for attendees traveling from afar. 

Whether you’re searching for a convention Centre, conference venue, or event space near  you, Sharanam Convention Centre has everything you need to host a successful event. Our  dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, from event planning and  coordination to ensuring that every detail is taken care of with professionalism and expertise.

Note: As we wish to work towards sustainability, we only tried to use technologies that are incoherence with the environment. hence, we have gone for alternative cooling technology to normal AC system.